Tes        timo nia ls

I love baking, my skills were OK and I am always trying to improve. More than anything it was a confidence thing and I think that stems from having self taught a lot of stuff. I especially struggle/d with levelling cake and butter creaming it without getting crumbs all through the icing. 


I took away severa l great techniques. Solving a lot of my struggles such as how to level a cake (so simple, but such a fantastic skill) and avoiding crumbs in the butter cream. But the biggest take away was probably the drippy effect. I’d tried it before and failed. I’ve tried it since and I can now do it. 


After a class with Mai, I feel more  co nfidence, especially when it comes to certain skills. Drippy cakes don’t scare me now, I feel pretty confident with them, thanks to Mai.

I really enjoyed my baking tutorial with Mai, she has a very soothing personality that allows you to feel  im media    tlyrelaxed. My baking skills are about average and decorating skills are basic and I was keen to learn more techniques on cake decorating and assembly, especially when baking smaller and taller cakes. I was very keen to learn how to achieve certain looks. 
Mai is very approachable and always happy to answer any questions, no matter how simple they may sound to a professional. At every stage I had guidance on weighing out of ingredients, types of ingredients that work best within a cake, other failures that don’t. Mai was able to clearly articulate every procedure during the lesson. 
I felt confident mixing, and baking and had lots of praise which  boos ted my confidence with my creativity. 
I felt a little less confident assembling my cake tower as this was completely new to me. I have only ever really stuck to the traditional 8” cakes. 

Mai gave me lots of encouragement and confidence to assemble and decorate the outside with buttercream and frosting. Great help with using the piping bag as I have no experience with this…never really completed artwork on cake only the basic melted chocolate in the past but now I feel more confident using different types of nozzles. 

Mai was able to patiently demonstrate how to create certain flowers, informative on how to hold the piping bag and the amount of pressure to apply. 
I think anyone who is serious about baking beautiful, creative cakes should try her online sessions. These cakes not only taste good but look amazing at the end. It has boosted my confidence and now I want to learn more and be adventurous with different styles.
The biggest positive point for me was it’s OK if you make a mistake with the buttercream you can wipe it off and start again…don’t be afraid. I’ve had lots of     co mplimen    ts from friends with the end result.
Cannot recommend this wonderful creative lady enough.
Truly talented not only can she make delicious beautiful looking cakes she has the 
excep   tio na l  ability of teaching you to bake and decorate your own creations too.
The tuition is all tailored to your baking and decorating abilities which l really appreciated.
Spent fabulous fun filled baking hours with a friend learning new techniques and enhancing my decorating ability, now I have tried these  exci    ted to learn more.
Will definitely be interested in online courses you spoke about. 
Thanks Mai
I want to give all thanks to you for your   pa    tience  with me. As you know we know I was a lost cause when it came to designing a cake in any kind of way and with your help of sending me a buttercream template I had the  courage to try other flowers.
Thank You so much I want to make you proud as I continue to learn and practice. 
Friends Forever

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