Here at M Bakery we offer a full bespoke service where you can mix and match your sponge, buttercream and optional fillings to each tier should you wish to do so.


If you’re not quite sure what to choose, have a look at the Menu section for a selection of cake combinations.


Please note that there are two different types of buttercream we offer: American and Italian meringue which comes at a premium price due to the time it takes to make but it’s oh so worth it!*




*American buttercream is your typical frosting made out of butter and icing sugar with the addition of flavouring such as vanilla extract. Italian meringue buttercream however is made out of egg whites, sugar and butter with the addition of flavouring. Due to the techniques used to make this, it takes a bit longer but the flavours absorb extremely well and is a lot less sweeter than American buttercream. It is also a lot lighter in texture and is almost mousse like. Due to the ingredients used and time to make it, Italian meringue buttercream comes at a premium price but I promise you, you won’t be disappointed with this option!