• Buttercreams

    Choose either American or Italian meringue buttercream to sandwich the sponges together.*



    Made with vanilla bean extract and is perfect with any flavour sponge.



    Mint flavoured buttercream coloured to a pretty mint shade. Perfect with a chocolate sponge and maybe the addition of some chocolate chips?



    Made with vanilla buttercream but with the addition of broken pieces of Oreo.



    Made with freeze dried raspberries, the intense flavour really pulls through, especially when made with Italian meringue buttercream.



    Similar to the raspberry buttercream, this is a flavour to most sponges.


    Peanut butter

    Oh yes, this is definitely the perfect frosting for any peanut butter fan out there but try it with Italian meringue buttercream and you just can’t get enough!


    Salted caramel

    A popular flavour among most but some are not a fan. If you would prefer a plain simple caramel buttercream, I can do that for you too.



    Made with the zest of a lemon, this refreshing buttercream is a winner with spring and summer flavour combos.


    Cream cheese

    This frosting is perfect with most sponges including red velvet, Guinness, Carrot and Hummingbird.



    Made with high quality chocolate. Choose from white, milk or dark chocolate.



    *Italian meringue buttercream is more time consuming to make as opposed to American buttercream and so there is an additional charge for this.