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Welcome to the M Bakery Cake Academy!

Here, I teach you how to create cakes with minimum effort that has massive impact.

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{ Bake Your Dog A Cake Tutorial }

We all love our dogs don’t we? If you’re anything like me, I’m always spoiling Ponyo and I’ll happily bake her a cake to show her how much I lover her.

I’ve got an amazing dog friendly cake recipe to share with you. It’s so quick, easy and ridiculously yummy, you’ll want to make it for them time and time again.

So whether it’s their birthday or “just because”, give them one of the things they absolutely love (possibly almost as much as we do) as I know they’ll be thankful for it.


{ Decorative treats }

In this module I’ll teach you how to make super easy frozen dog treats. They’re small, healthy and made in cute little heart shapes. Use these to decorate on top and around the cake and keep the extras for those hot summer days to help them cool down.

{ Bonus video – mini bone biscuits }

In this bonus video, I show you how to make dog biscuits to add on top of your cake. This is entirely optional but I find these add a bit of fun!
I make them using teeny tiny dog bone and star cookie cutters but you can make them in any shape you like.
This recipe makes plenty of mini biscuits so you’ll have lots to give afterwards.

{ Birthday Cake }

Make the yummiest cake your dog has ever eaten!
Here, I show you how to prep your cake tins to avoid any burnt sides and get a lovely even bake for each layer.

{ Dog Friendly Frosting }

This easy three ingredient frosting will be used to stack the layers together and hold those yummy strawberry and blueberries in place. There’ll be enough to go around and create some decorative piping on top of the cake too to make it that extra bit special.

{ Time To Decorate! }

Now that we have made all of the components, it’s time to have some fun and build the cake!

In this module I’ll show you how to fill and stack your cake and then decorate it to give it that wow factor!

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