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Click on the image to purchase the requested tools. They are affiliate links which means I will get a commission if you make a purchase. But don’t worry, this is at no extra cost to you and non of the resources I have selected have been increased to compensate me. The links below will take you directly to Amazon.

If there is one thing I can’t live without, it would be my Kit (KitchenAid). I absolutely love her!

This is my most used cake tin (6″). It’s perfect for making tall cakes.

Baking is a science and you definitely need one of these! You can switch between metric and imperial which is really handy!

These are perfect for making cake slices 👌

I love spatulas…they help you get everything out of the bowl and not waste a bit!

Why cut them out by hand when you can save sooooo much time by buying these?!

10″ round cake tin which is the biggest size I go.

This is a brilliant tool to use when you’re brushing the sides of cake tins or for soaking sponges with syrup.

This is a must have for making Italian Meringue Buttercream.

Who doesn’t have one of these? Always good to have a spare one though, I have three!

Make sure you measure and buy the right size tray!

It’s always handy to have another mixer!

This electric hand whisk is ideal – the price is great and you have a balloon whisk!

A must for cupcakes!