Have you baked a cake and it turned out looking nothing like the photo? 🖐

Or have you felt like all of your baking and cake decorating efforts were a waste of time and money?

Believe me, I’ve been there many times!

I know you’re the type of person who loves to be creative. I know you love baking and cake decorating. What I love the most about you is that you have a   passio n  for it. Whether it’s to make people happy with cake or just an excuse to get out the cake kit and have fun.


After years of mistakes, successful cakes and countless hours of learning, I want to share my knowledge and skills with you so that you can fast track to where you want to be.

My goal is to unleash your creativity, no matter what experience you have, so that you can say

Yes, I made  tha    t!

So be ready to become the star baker in your circle of friends and family…even beyond!

Whether it’s for the love of it or as an income stream, you will become the go-to expert for anything cake related.

Being in your  crea    tive  flow  is all about feeling relaxed,

inspired but also having a vision. 

Whichever method you choose to learn with me, you will discover your unique style and feel confident to experiment. After all, we all have to be a disaster before we become the master

(see mine below!).

I’m a firm believer in  expressi n    g  your individuality but also

understanding the fundamentals of a skill and technique.

Combining these two abilities will make you feel empowered and confident every time you pick up that spatula.

The proof is i n  the pud di ng…

As hlea  Hoang

“I love baking, my skills were OK and I am always trying to improve. More than anything it was a confidence thing and I think that stems from having self taught a lot of stuff.

After a class with Mai, I feel more confidence, especially when it comes to certain skills. Drippy cakes don’t scare me now, I feel pretty confident with them, thanks to Mai.”

I really enjoyed my baking tutorial with Mai, she has a very soothing personality that allows you to feel  im media    tly relaxed.

I felt confident mixing, and baking and had lots of praise which  boos    ted my confidence with my creativity.

The biggest positive point for me was it’s OK if you make a mistake with the buttercream you can wipe it off and start again…don’t be afraid. I’ve had lots of   co mplimen    ts  from friends with the end result.

An na ~ Maria Ardolino

Fea tured & Suppliers of

My cake journey wasn’t so silky smooth and sweet…

After watching countless episodes of Ace of Cakes and Glamour Puds, I was inspired and ready to take on the cake world. My husband and I opened our deli called The Big Bagel where I baked all sorts of cakes to sell, from cupcakes, cookies and brownies to our famous Oreo cheesecake. It was awesome!

I was doing this alongside my full time job and after a few months, I had to stop baking and work away from home. I was devas    ta    ted.

Fast forward a few years, I decided I wanted to make my own wedding cake. I loved making cakes for friends and family where I would selfishly volunteer to make their birthday cake just so I had an excuse to practice and experiment.

Despite several years of experience baking and cake decorating, making my own wedding cake

was taking it to whole new leve l.

I spent countless days and hours searching on Google, reading blogs, being part of Facebook groups and going down the rabbit hole of “how to” YouTube videos because I didn’t have anyone I really knew who I could ask for help and guidance.

All of the techniques that I wanted to learn were       top secre    tand the tutorials I found weren’t quite the style I was after. Even if I found a blog of what I wanted to achieve, a lot of important information was missing, meaning I’d spend more time researching.

Because my confidence was low, I practised at every opportunity I had to hone in on my skills and to discover the best techniques to make my wedding cake. This meant lots of mistakes but also successes and extra money spent having to do it again or from ordering too much!

When it came to the big day, I’ll never forget the compliments I had of my cake as it made me feel that all of the money, time and effort I put into it was   wo r     th i     t. My confidence grew and after the wedding, I was ready to explore and continue practising so that I could become even better.

This made me realise that, like any skill, confidence grows from being competent…you just have to start, invest, fail, get back up again and repeat as that’s what makes you an expert.

As a result, my brother asked me to make his wedding cake which led me to starting M Bakery where I’ve been honoured to make several wedding and special occasion cakes, dessert and sweet treats.

Now, I want to share my knowledge and skills with you to create everlasting memories with cake.

Are you ready  to become known as  the  go~ to cake exper     t?

Click below to start your baking journey…

A little more about me

I have a degree in Fashion Design, specialising in lingerie and I’m a qualified bra fitter.

Ponyo the pug is our fur baby! Shout out to all of you Studio Ghibli fans out there!

Val D’isere is our second home where we get to snowboard and eat the most amazing French food!

Muse and Daft Punk are my favourite artists but I also can’t get enough of Ella Fitgerald, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Al Green….

I absolutely love cooking. Being in the kitchen and feeding people makes me so happy!

Want to know more about how I can help you?

Send me an email at ma[email protected]